Art Centers

Stand out in your art community by providing a distinctive creative experience with KXB Studio. Using custom-designed rigs and industry quality software and equipment students will participate in collaborative and hands-on activities to create a series of animated shorts. Students will learn hand drawn, stopmotion, and experimental animation techniques as well as animation art history and home-studio hacks. The goal of the lessons is to provide students with the tools and skills to animate beyond the experience of the workshop. All supplies are included and a 4GB USB drive is recommended. THE MAXIMUM CLASS SIZE IS 13 STUDENTS.

Art Center Requirements

KXB Animation Workshops are a full service affair. We bring the technology and all the supplies. In order to host a workshop an art center must:

  • Advertise workshop to art center community
  • Provide 3 tables with 13 chairs
  • Provide a room with at least 2 outlets
  • Provide a small and secure storage space within the facility
  • Recommended: Provide one clear wall or projection screen
  • That’s it!

Please send questions and requests for additional information to or leave comment on the Contact page of this site.