The Cracked Screen Club

You’re invited to the Cracked Screen Club!

Do you have a device that has a cracked screen? Are you hustlin’ to make your dreams come true and don’t have time to worry about your cracked screen? Do you look past the cracks and send those emails, reply to those DMs, and get sh*t done regardless? Then come to KXB Studio, every Monday, 6pm to 9pm and make it happen– whatever “it” means to you. (Note: Cracked Screen not required).



The idea for the Cracked Screen Club originated with Work Nights in the basement of the now defunct Monkey Palace of Jamaica Plain, MA. A group of friends wanted to get together to work on creative projects. I often used the time to create stopmotion puppets. Others created buttons for band merch, edited films, or wrote songs. We all had our own projects but we were accomplishing our goals together. It was reminiscent of our days in school, but with less stress and way less caffeine. We had a community of people that motivated and supported each other.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. But last month, I had an exciting meeting with a new colleague. We were brainstorming, thinking about ways to grow and support one another, and were feeling very inspired. At the end of the meeting, we both took out our phones, and what do you know, we both had cracked screens. It felt like a symbol for  certain kind of creative entrepreneurial spirit and thus the Cracked Screen Club was born.


About the Cracked Screen Club

This club is an opportunity to designate one day a week to accomplishing your creative goals. We will meet every Monday, 6pm to 9pm at KXB Studio. There will be free WiFi, tables, chairs, basic art supplies, and hot tea available. You can bring your own snacks, materials, tech, and favorite CD (yes CD). You are welcome to work independently but make sure to ask for help, get critiques, share advice, and encourage one another. So climb out of your bed, save your coffeeshop $, and come to KXB Studio. When you’ve accomplished your goals and finally have the funds, peace of mind, and initiative to fix your Cracked Screen* we will have a party in your honor.

*Your version of the Cracked Screen is unique to you. It’s something small that you’ve been putting off but this thing will improve your quality of life. You will be asked to share your version of a Cracked Screen with the group.


Important Info

When: Mondays, 6pm to 9pm

Where: KXB Studio

5231 Germantown Ave, Suite 103

Philadelphia, PA

Questions? Email Klementina at