New Animation Studio: Workshops, Services, and More!

Hello animators and educators, students and businesses, friends and fans. Welcome to my new online home. This blog is the official news source of KXB Studio. As the founder and sole employee of KXB Studio I’ll also be the author of all articles.

What you can find here, after subscribing to my rss feed, is the intersection of my art, teaching, and entrepreneurship. I’ll be posting about my works in progress, what’s new in art education, animation home-studio hacks, industry news, art-repreneuring tips, production anecdotes, and deals/coupons for KXB Studio workshops and services.

To christen this new digital home, I’m sharing with you the first animation I ever made. Thanks to my first animation teacher, Lorelei Pepi, and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

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