Wolfing it Down While Working

When I work from home it’s hard to remember to eat properly. I get in the work zone and don’t realize my hunger and dehydration until it’s too late. Here are some easy, fast, and cheap cooking ideas and recipes that help me get through the day. I’m not much a cook and I don’t like long complex steps. If you feel the same then you’ll like these recipes.

1.) Soups!

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Lentil Lemon Garlic

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Butternut Squash

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Cauliflower Tomato

Soups are great. You can make a whole batch and eat for days or share. They’re usually very nutritious and can be paired with sandwiches. And, if you do it right they’re so cheap to make.

Here are 3 of my favorite vegan recipes:

Lentil Lemon Garlic Soup- So good! I’ve been couch surfing for the past 5 weeks and have made this soup for my hosts. Everyone loves it and wants the recipe. Here you go. Thanks for your couch.

Butternut Squash Soup- This is a recipe from a The Art of Awakened Eating by Jennifer Lotus. This book was a gift from my mom and this recipe is so tasty that my definition for vegan food has been re-imagined.

Cauliflower Tomato Soup- This and the lentil soup recipe are inspired by Soup for Syria by Barbara Abdeni Massad. All the recipes are simple and delicious but these are my favorite.

2.) Smoothies!

Smoothies are a great way to get a bunch of vitamins and minerals into your system. All you need is a small food blender like a Magic Bullet. I have a favorite combination but the beauty of smoothies is their versatility and countless options. The Art of Awakened Eating includes some great recipes and information on special additives.

KXB Power Smoothie – 1 banana, handful or berries, tablespoon of honey, teaspoon of maca powder, almond milk.

3.) Drinks!

Drinking tea or hot lemon water reduces stress and bloating when I have to sit all day. Lemon water is not as boring as water, keeps me energized, and boosts my immune system (1 lemon has an average of 30.7mg of Vitamin C in it). Tea is my alternative to coffee. Try it if you get coffee jitters or poops.

As founder of a start-up, I can’t really afford to take a sick day. The competition in the animation world is fierce so everything, including my diet, can be used to give me an advantage. These foods help me stay happy, and healthy for my students, my clients, and self.

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